In the context of the 17th ESIL Annual Conference in Utrecht, ESIL Interest Groups will organize their workshops on Wednesday 31 August and Thursday 1 September.

Please find the themes of the workshops below. Links to programmes are progressively added as the Interest Groups submit them.


  • IG on International Environmental Law: In/ex-clusiveness in the Energy Transition and Climate Action
  • IG on International Economic Law: Civil Society and International Economic Law
  • IG on International Law and Technology: Algorithmic and Technological Modes of In-/Exclusion – International Legal Method and Critique
  • IG on Migration and Refugee Law: In/Ex-clusivity of International Migration and Refugee Law: The Rights Holders’ Perspective
  • IG on Courts and Tribunals: De-formalizing the International Judiciary
  • IG on the Law of the Sea: Law of the sea and its in/ex-clusiveness
  • IG on International Criminal Justice: International Criminal Law and Transnational Advocacy: Problematising the International Penal Turn
  • IG on Peace and Security: Peace and Security for whom? Inclusion and exclusion in international peace and security law
  • IG on International Law of Culture: International Law of Culture in Armed Conflict
  • IG on International Organizations: International organizations, elites, and masses: perspectives on in/exclusion
  • IG on History of International Law: Histories of Inclusion / Exclusion in International Law
  • IG on Social Sciences and International Law: Connecting social practices to legal outcomes
  • IG on International Business and Human Rights: In/Ex-clusiveness through the lens of International Business and Human Rights
  • IG on European and International Rule of Law: Sovereignty and the Rule of Law
  • IG on Bio Law: In/ex-clusiveness of International Bio Law: actors, processes and outcomes