Dear ESIL members and friends,

The European Society of International Law is an ever-growing, dynamic network of academics, researchers, judges, practitioners and students with an interest in the field of international law. Since the inaugural meeting in Florence in 2004, in the 15 years of its existence, the Society has developed and consolidated its presence as a vibrant forum for the interaction of international lawyers, from Europe and beyond, with a view to encouraging and promoting the study of international law in an increasingly globalized context.

The Society is proud that its membership has steadily increased, with members coming from more than 100 countries, thus transcending a European dimension to be a global network promoting the idea of the universality of international law, of diversity and openness.

Society members and friends have many opportunities to come together to debate, discuss and collaborate. The major ESIL events are its annual conferences, held in a different venue each year: Geneva (2005), Paris (2006), Budapest (2007), Heidelberg (2008), Helsinki (2009). Cambridge (2010), Tallinn (2011), Valencia (2012), Amsterdam (2013), Vienna (2014), Oslo (2015), Riga (2016), Naples (2017), Manchester (2018), and, most recently, Athens (2019). The next Annual Conference will take place in Stockholm in September 2021, then Utrecht (2022) and Aix-en-Provence (2023).

The annual Research Fora aim more specifically to promote engagement with early-career members of the Society on research in progress. These events have been held in Florence (2015), Istanbul (2016), Granada (2017), Jerusalem (2018), Göttingen (2019) and Catania (2021).

ESIL members have a further opportunity to interact within the 16 interest groups of the Society, each devoted to a specific area of international law. Many members are involved in the work of the interest groups, which are very active throughout the year and have contributed to creating lively communities within the Society focusing on the exchange of ideas in their specialized fields.

Finally, the Society organizes and supports events in Europe and in other parts of the world. We are very happy that these events are flourishing and enhance the visibility of the Society to a wider audience.

As current President, along with the Board members, I will continue to build upon the work that has already been achieved by our predecessors. We look forward to strengthening our membership, in particular in the periphery of Europe and among the next generation(s) of scholars, and to providing an array of opportunities for the ‘community of internationalists’ to meet and engage with each other. Please follow our website to be informed of all of our activities, including the newly-established teaching corner, a space where academics can share their teaching methods.

We count on your continued support and involvement in the work of our Society.

I look forward to meeting you at future events!

Photini Pazartzis

ESIL President