In addition to its cutting-edge scholarship, the European Journal of International Law features two rubrics which aim to remind us, as academics and human beings, of the ultimate subject of our scholarly reflections, the world and the people who inhabit it.
The Last Page, which is literally the last page of each issue, features poems which reflect in some way, direct or indirect, the world in which we live, the world we strive to change for the better, the world with its many contradictions that international law seeks to address.
Roaming Charges features photographs of places – the world we live in – and photographs of people – who we are, the human condition. We seek photos which have some ambiguity, and which relate in some way both to current circumstances, without falling into easy clichés of photojournalism, and to something, like human dignity, which is more unchanging and enduring.  For more information, please read the Roaming Charges Introduction in the Journal.
EJIL welcomes submissions of poems and photographs. Please send your contributions to Anny Bremner, EJIL Managing Editor.

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