The Mapping International Law in Europe (MILE) Project is an on-line database, providing information on international law professionals in Europe. MILE features an easy to use search engine, able to perform queries across multiple types of institutions, specializations, and countries. Planning a small expert meeting on international criminal law with a specific regional focus, or a large conference involving academics, professionals and government agencies involved in a broad range of topics in international law? The MILE database is right at your fingertip, offering answers quickly and effectively.

MILE 2.0 is the latest development in the Mapping project. MILE 2.0 is the first professional directory specifically dedicated to international law professionals. The database is fed by our members themselves, who create and manage their profile online. All profiles can then be browsed or searched through our powerful search engine. All members receive a username and password, enabling them to sign in HERE and edit their profile.

Joining the MILE Database

All ESIL members will have automatically been entered into the database. However they will need to complete their MILE Profile online. If you know your login details, simply select the Member Login page from the MILE Project menu and login using your details. Once logged in, click on ‘My Mile Profile’ in the top right corner of the website to edit your profile.

If you do not know your login details, select the Member Login page from the MILE Project menu and click on ‘request new password’. This will automatically send temporary login details to your email address. Follow the instructions to access your online profile. The temporary login details will expire after 24h. If this happens, repeat the process.

If you are not yet an ESIL member or if you request new login details and do not receive the email (please check your spam box), please contact Joyce Davies at: