2nd International Conference: 

“Non-State armed groups in International Humanitarian Law”

Carabinieri Officers Academy, Rome, 7th and 8th October 2016

International Humanitarian Law originated at a time when a State-centric conception of the world dominated international relations and international law. The founding instruments of the modern corpus of International Humanitarian Law are based on the classical model of warfare, in which regular State armies confront themselves on the battlefield. However, over the years, this classical model has been challenged by a more complex reality, of which the multiplication of the actors of warfare has been one of the most notable elements. Non-State armed groups have become key players of International Humanitarian Law. They have revolutionized at the same time conflict on the battlefield, and the general categories of the law of warfare. Their emergence, within a system of law that was designed to address primarily the conduct of States, has indeed raised many questions. These span across the legal debate on whether Non-State armed groups are bound by International Humanitarian Law, to the question of the general relationship under International Humanitarian Law between States and Non-State groups and the policy debate on whether, and – if so – how, to engage with Non-State actors in the context of the law of warfare.
Italy and the Carabinieri intend to be at the forefront of the debate on the evolution of International Humanitarian Law, in the knowledge that this field of law touches not only the interest of members of the military, but deals with values and principles that are at the core of our societies. After the first successful conference of October 2015 on “International Humanitarian Law and Modern Warfare”, we are proud to announce the second Conference of this series, that will take place in Rome on 7th and 8th of October, 2016. The Conference will see the participation of world experts in this field, including representatives of Governments, academia, international organizations and NGOs with a specific expertise in the area. The Conference will develop across the work of three panels: the first Panel will seek to answer the question as to whether International Humanitarian Law binds Non State Armed Groups; the second panel will discuss the role of Non-State Armed Groups as makers of International Humanitarian Law and the third Panel will discuss the broad question of the engagement with Non-State Actors, both from the legal, and from the policy perspective.
Deadline for registration: 29th September 2016 (IHL.2016@carabinieri.it)