Private Actors as Participants in International Law

A Critical Analysis of Membership under the Law of the Sea

Armando Rocha


This book examines the status of private actors as subjects of law under the rules of the international law of the sea. Providing a methodology for the notion of a single legal personality, it provides a clear understanding of membership in international law in order to establish to what extent private actors can be rights-holders or duty-bearers. It does this by taking a theoretical perspective which allows the reader to interpret their relevance in international law. This unique and innovative work makes a significant contribution to the current scholarly debates on private actors in international law.


Armando Rocha is Associate Dean of Católica Global School of Law, and Professor of International Law at the Lisbon School of Law, Portugal.

Sep 2021   |   9781509948048   |   272pp   |   Hbk   |    RSP: £85

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