12th Annual ESIL Conference – Riga, 8-10 September 2016:
‘How International Law Works in Times of Crisis?’

What the inquiry by the United Kingdom into its decision to intervene in Iraq tells us about international legal advice and decision making in times of crisis
Conference Paper No. 7/2016
Stephen Bouwhuis

Immunity from Civil Jurisdiction: Where Do We Go from Here? Assessing the Relevance of Recent Opposing Trends in the Conceptualisation of State Immunity
Conference Paper No. 8/2016
Stefano Dominelli

The Future We Want: Sustainable Development as an Inherent Aim of Foreign Investment Protection
Conference Paper No. 9/2016
Ilze Dubava

Corruption et immunités : Questionnements sur la lutte contre l’Impunité (Corruption and Immunities: Questions on the Fight Against Impunity)
Conference Paper No. 10/2016
Anne-Catherine Fortas

Crisis of Privacy and Sacrifice of Personal Data in the Name of National Security: The CJEU Rulings Strengthening EU Data Protection Standards
Conference Paper No. 11/2016
Irena Nesterova

Multiple Actors in Framing the Eu’s External Policy: The Case of the EU Global Security Strategy
Conference Paper No. 12/2016
Ilze Ruse

The Paris Agreement: Reflections on an International Law Odyssey
Conference Paper No. 13/2016
Annalisa Savaresi

How to Limit Immunity of State Officials in Relation to Grave Violations of Human Rights? Between the Definition of Official Acts and Exceptions
Conference Paper No. 14/2016
Pavel Sturma

Human Dignity in an Age of Autonomous Weapons: Are We in Danger of Losing an “Elementary Consideration of Humanity”?
Conference Paper No. 15/2016
Özlem Ülgen

When the Sovereign Sleeps: Who Protects Fundamental Rights and Other ‘Public Goods’ in Transatlantic Free Trade Agreements?
Conference Paper No. 16/2016
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

The Role of Civil Society in EU Preferential Trade Agreements
Conference Paper No. 17/2016
Jia Xu