2019 ESIL Research Forum – Göttingen, 4-5 April 2019: The Rule of Law in International and Domestic Contexts: Synergies and Challenges

The Article 7 TUE Procedure and the Free Movement of Judgments in the EU

Conference Paper No. 1/2019

Ewa Kamarad

Addressing Forest Governance and Sustainable Forest Management in Preferential Trade Agreements

Conference Paper No. 2/2019

Yilly Pacheco

Legal Yet Political: Addressing the Dual Nature of the WTO Decision-making System Under a Democratic Approach

Conference Paper No. 3/2019

Ana Peres

International Investment Law as an Ally in EU’s Rule of Law Endeavours: an Epic Journey or a Misguided Quest?

Conference Paper No. 4/2019

Bartosz Soloch

La Coopération Réglementaire dans le CETA: Application de la Théorie du Droit Public International (International Regulatory Cooperation in CETA: Application of the Theory of Public International Law)

Conference Paper No. 5/2019

Cedric Henet

The Under-Representation of Third World States in Customary International Law: Can Interpretation Bridge the Gap?

Conference Paper No. 6/2019

Nina Mileva

Rule of Law Indices and How They Could be Used in the EU Rule of Law Crisis

Conference Paper No. 7/2019

András Jakab and Viktor Oliver Lorincz

The Illiberal Challenge to the Rule of Law Principle: The Neglected Procedural Aspect (With Special Focus on Hungary)

Conference Paper No. 8/2019

Viktor Zoltán Kazai

Beyond ‘Thin’ and ‘Thick’: The International Rule of Law and the Idea of Normative Authority

Conference Paper No. 9/2019

Kostiantyn Gorobets

Suspension of EU Funds Paid to Member States Breaching the Rule of Law – The Commission Could Have Done It Better

Conference Paper No. 10/2019

Justyna Łacny

The Legal Status of Decisions by Human Rights Treaty Bodies: International Supervision, Authoritative Interpretations or mission éducatrice?

Conference Paper No. 11/2019

Leonardo S. Borlini and Luigi Crema

The Power-Conferring Dimension of the Rule of Law at the United Nations

Conference Paper No. 12/2019

Hannah Birkenkötter

International Procedural Rights, Domestic Legal Systems and the International Rule of Law

Conference Paper No. 13/2019

Leander Beinlich

Is the EU Well-Equipped to Confront its International Responsibilities?

Conference Paper No. 14/2019

P.J. Kuijper

UN Peacekeeping and Local Rule of Law Initiatives in the Central African Republic

Conference Paper No. 15/2019

Lenneke Sprik

Popularizing the Rule of Law: A ‘Mission Educatrice’ of the International Bench?

Conference Paper No. 16/2019

Allan F. Tatham