The ESIL Interest Group on International Legal Theory and Philosophy is organising a workshop on ‘Theories and Methodologies in the Contemporary Study of International Lawmaking’ as a side-event to the ESIL 2020 Annual Conference in Stockholm. The workshop will take place on September 9, 2020.
The way scholars study international lawmaking has changed significantly over time. The scholarship witnesses a flourishing variety of theoretical approaches and empirical investigations aimed at uncovering new facets of international lawmaking. The IGILTP invites applications for a roundtable to discuss various theories and methodological approaches utilized today to study international lawmaking understood broadly. If recently you investigated any aspect of international lawmaking and would like to share your experience with regard to theoretical and methodological challenges, we would be delighted to receive your proposal. The roundtable will be dedicated not to substantive issues related to lawmaking but on theories and methodologies utilized by scholars in the study of various facets of international lawmaking focusing on the following questions:

  • What is the particular theory or methodology you used?
  • How this theory or methodology was utilized?
  • What particular utility it had for the study of international lawmaking?
  • In what circumstances would you recommend this theory or methodology for the study of other aspects of international lawmaking?
  • What is this theory or methodology unable to achieve?
  • Why is this theory or methodology better than others?