The Manchester International Law Centre with the support of the ESIL International Organizations Interest Group is organising a workshop with a view to generating new reflections on the role of international organizations and non-State actors in the formation of customary international law.

Date: 26/27 January 2017

Location: The Manchester International Law Center

Although customary international law has long been on the agenda of international legal scholars, it is uncontested that debates on custom have been reinvigorated by the work of the International Law Commission on the topic. Under the rapporteurship of Sir Michael Wood, the work of the Commission has fuelled much interest within and outside academic circles. As the work of the International Law Commission reaches the stage of consultation with States and other actors, the Commission will welcome additional comments on its draft conclusions and commentaries.

The workshop will bring together experts and young career scholars with an interest in the field.

A limited number of places remain available for interested scholars and practitioners who are willing to participate in the discussions. We advise those interested in participating to book their places as soon as possible through Eventbrite.