ESIL-sponsored workshop –University of Fribourg: ‘Law and Language in EU and International Law’
17 May 2019, University of Fribourg
Law and language encompasses various scientific, typically interdisciplinary approaches to the study of law with a focus on language. EU law and international law are particularly fruitful fields of research for such approaches because of their inherent transnational/international focus and because they are faced with questions of multilingualism with particular frequency. In both fields, recent years have seen the emergence of a number of new approaches and research projects relying on law and language methods.
The present workshop aims to establish the state of research from a methodological perspective. In particular, it asks what approaches are currently used; how they relate to one another; how they can be positioned with regard to their ‘origins’ in linguistics, translation studies etc.; and which approaches are currently not (yet) used. To answer these and other questions, the workshop convenes a small number of leading experts who themselves rely on a variety of law and language methods.
The workshop is organized by PD Benedikt Pirker, Institute for European Law, University of Fribourg, and is open for all interested persons. Participation is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. Please send an email to before 3 May 2019 to register.