Prior to the ESIL Annual Conference in Athens, ESIL Interest Groups will organise pre-conference workshops to take place on the morning of 12 September 2019.

Programmes for the following IG pre-conference workshops are now available and can be found on the IG Webpages:

  • IG on International Economic Law: ‘Challenges to the Governance of the Global Economy: Dispute Settlement in the WTO and in International Investment Law’. IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on International Bio Law: ‘International Bio Law: New Perspectives’. IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on Migration and Refugee Law: ‘Children in the context of migration and asylum: a further layer of legal standards limiting State sovereignty?’ IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on International Human Rights Law: ‘International Human Rights Law Beyond Traditional Sovereign Spaces’. IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on International Health Law: ‘Public Health in the Age of Globalization: Questioning the Constraints of State Sovereignty’. IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on the International Law of Culture: ‘Approaches to Culture and Sovereignty in different areas of International Law’. IG WEBPAGE.
  • IG on International Courts and Tribunals: ‘Domestic Contestations against International Courts and Tribunals’. IG WEBPAGE.

For the programme of the Annual Conference and more information, see the CONFERENCE WEBSITE.


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