The Teaching Corner is an online resource for ESIL members to share syllabi, module outlines, reading lists, and other international law teaching materials and tools. The idea is to encourage the dissemination of examples and good practice amongst ESIL members, and especially to provide support for early-career researchers who may be designing a course for the first time. By seeing the innovations and ideas of others, we hope to nurture and inspire innovative teaching both in Europe and beyond, and simply support each other in teaching preparations.


Access to the Teaching Corner

You can access the ESIL Teaching Corner here. If you have been a member of ESIL for some time, you should have received a username and password in the most recent issue of the ESIL Updates (monthly newsletter).
Please note that the username and password to log in the ESIL Teaching Corner are different from the ones to log in your ESIL account. If you have lost the login email or are a new member and do not know the password yet, please contact

The ESIL Board Members in charge of the Teaching Corner are Adriana di Stefano and Evelyne Schmid.