All ESIL members are invited to participate in the workshop “International Law and… BioLaw: from Theory to Practice” organized by the ESIL Interest Group on BioLaw on 3 September in Vienna.

Under this general title, the desire is to show – in line with the general spirit of the Conference – the boundaries and links between International Law and BioLaw. For this purpose,a broad programme has been chosen which allows those working on bio juridical and bio ethical questions, both as scholars and practitioners (sources, subjects and actors, substantive issues or mechanisms for disputes settlement), to discuss their personal experience and research outcomes.

Following the precedent of the Interest Group on BioLaw meeting in Valencia two years ago, the plan is to publish the collected contributions from this meeting so please read the Call for Papers  for style instructions and for the deadline for submission of papers.

Abstracts should be submitted before 1 June 2014 to

Year after year, International Bio law questions are increasingly present in the international policy agenda so a blooming future is envisaged for this field of research.

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