ESIL Interest Groups provide ESIL members with an opportunity for on-going interaction with colleagues along thematic lines. The groups are fora for discussion, networking, and joint activities within the various sub-fields of international law. Activities of ESIL Interest Groups may range from virtual networking via e-mailing lists or discussion groups to the organization of thematic workshops and publications. Many groups arrange meetings and/ or workshops during ESIL events.


The governance of interest groups is regulated in two documents: Policy Guidance and Bye-laws. The elections of ESIL Interest Group Conveners are regulated by the following Guidelines.


If you are an ESIL member and you wish to take part in one of these groups, please indicate this in your ESIL membership accountNew ESIL Interest Groups can be initiated by any ESIL member and are open for all members to join (see procedure below). For general information on ESIL Interest Groups, please e-mail the Board members who coordinate ESIL Interest Groups, Christina Binder and Fulvio M. Palombino. 

Currently, the following ESIL Interest Groups are active:

Interest Group on International Legal Theory and Philosophy

Interest Group on Peace and Security

Interest Group on International Economic Law

Interest Group on International Environmental Law

Interest Group on Feminism and International Law

Interest Group on International Business and Human Rights

Interest Group on International Bio Law

Interest Group on the EU as a Global Actor

Interest Group on the Law of the Sea

Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law

Interest Group on International Human Rights Law

Interest Group on International Courts and Tribunals

Interest Group on The History of International Law

Interest Group on International Health Law

Interest Group on International Organisations 


Procedure for Forming an ESIL Interest Group

ESIL members interested in setting up an Interest Group should submit a written proposal to the Board members who coordinate the Interest Groups, Christina Binder and Fulvio M. Palombino, stating the Group’s purpose and justification, the types of activities it intends to engage in, the name of the proposed founding Chairperson or Chairpersons, and the names of a minimum of ten initial members (which may include the original proponent(s)). Once approved by the Board, the Interest Group comes formally into existence and will be listed on the ESIL website.

To facilitate the recruitment of ten founding members, ESIL members interested in setting up an Interest Group may ask the ESIL Secretariat to circulate a solicitation for expressions of interest to all ESIL members.


Administration of ESIL Interest Groups


The Chairperson(s) of an Interest Group is responsible for the setting up and management of the group’s activities, the submission of annual reports on the group’s activities to the Board by 1 July each year, and ensuring that the group’s website includes up-to-date information.

Interest Groups are reviewed annually by the ESIL Board each September.


Finances of ESIL Interest Groups


In principle, Interest Group activities must be self-supporting and ESIL carries no financial responsibility for the activities of Interest Groups. The Society is generally unable to directly fund any such activities but it provides support to facilitate the administration of Interest Groups and to inform ESIL members about Interest Group activities.

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