The Brazilian Journal of International Law is pleased to invite submissions for a special issue on “International law and deglobalization”, to be published in December 2021. The issue will be edited by Guest Editors, Professors Jaime Tijmes (Universidad de la Frontera), Ivette Esis (Universidad Autónoma de Chile), Juan E. Serrano Moreno (Universidad de la Frontera).
The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted, once again, recent challenges to the model of globalization as we know it. Many governments have introduced regulations and adopted policies aimed at market interventions whose impact on international economic law and public international law needs to be studied.
Literature on “deglobalization” is abundant in economics and political science. In law, however, we argue that there are not only open questions, but many important questions still unasked, as well as a methodological and theoretical dispersion concerning the return of States in the international scene. This is what this special issue aims to help remedy.
Call for Papers 
Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2021