The European Society of International Law (ESIL) is a dynamic network of researchers, scholars and practitioners in the field of international law. The Society’s goals are to encourage the study of international law, to foster inquiry, discussion and innovation in international law, and to promote a greater understanding of the role of international law in the world today. Membership of the European Society of International Law is open to all those with an interest in international law who are willing to contribute to the realisation of these goals.

To join the Society or renew your membership, go to the online membership platform, select your membership category, click on ‘’proceed to payment’’, log in to your account (or create an account if you are a new member) and follow the instructions. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact the ESIL Secretariat.

If you are interested in Lifetime Membership or Institutional Membership, please see the relevant webpages or contact the ESIL Secretariat for further details.



Standard Fee€ 120€ 40€550
(saving €50)
€ 85
Standard Fee + EJIL Online Subscription € 136€ 48€630.00
(saving €50)
€ 100
Reduced Fee€ 60€ 20
Reduced Fee + EJIL Online Subscription € 76€ 28

* Retired members are aged over 65 years and no longer in full-time employment.

** Student Members study full-time at undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level. Members who have defended their PhD are not student members, and pay the regular membership fee.

*** Reduced fees are offered to members who study or work in lower-income countries. Eligibility is not based on nationality or place of residence. Be sure to check the list of relevant countries before choosing to pay a reduced fee.

Important: Membership fees represent the Society’s one and only source of income. We kindly ask all members who can afford it to pay the standard fee.



  • You are part of a network of people interested in international law from all over the world.
  • You receive regular emails about ESIL events – Annual Conferences, Research Fora, ESIL joint events, Interest Group events, ESIL-supported events, and so on.
  • You pay reduced registration fees at ESIL Annual Conferences.
  • You pay reduced registration fees at the annual ESIL Research Forum.
  • You can join any of the ESIL Interest Groups and participate in their activities. (Indicate the groups you want to join in your membership account).
  • You can submit up-to-date reflections on current issues in international law to be published in the series of ESIL Reflections.
  • You receive quarterly ESIL Newsletters, regular ESIL Reflections, and monthly ESIL Updates by email.
  • You can post announcements in the Members’ News section of the ESIL website to share information with other members about conferences, workshops, seminars, summer schools, research posts, etc. and these announcements will be sent to all members in the monthly ESIL Updates.
  • Exclusive access to ESIL Teaching Corner
  • You can choose to receive an online subscription to the European Journal of International Law  (four issues per year) at a reduced cost; Oxford University Press (OUP) will provide instructions on how to access the online subscription shortly after you pay your membership fee.
  • You can participate in the election of the ESIL Board and of IG Coordinating Committees. After one year of membership, you are eligible to stand for election yourself.


Important note: Membership of the society is for the calendar year (January to December), regardless of the date of joining the society. All members joining/renewing their membership between 1 November and 31 December will be accorded membership for the following year.


If you change your email address at any time, please inform the ESIL Secretariat and also update your online account.


Notice to our UK-based members:

ESIL has been included in HMRC’s list of approved bodies for income tax relief for membership subscriptions (List 3). This means inter alia that, subject to the rules of your home institution, you may be able to use your research or travel allowance to pay for your ESIL membership. You/your institution’s financial officer can obtain income tax relief by quoting HMRC reference T1644/30/2014/HEM.