The ECHR Law Review (ECLR) is a new law review published by BRILL and devoted exclusively to the legal regime of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Its editors-in-chief are Dr K. Dzehtsiarou and Dr V.P. Tzevelekos. The editorial and advisory boards include world leading scholars and practitioners in the law of the ECHR.One of the missions of the journal is to connect law and practice, and explore the ECHR from a multi-disciplinary perspective. ECLR will be publishing legal scholarship on the protection of fundamental human rights within the ECHR framework and on its implications for other regional human rights regimes. It is a forum for, inter alia, international law, comparative (constitutional) law, human rights law, and philosophy of law analysis of the practice and procedures of the ECHR regime. While favouring legal (doctrinal, theoretical and philosophical) analysis, ECLR also publishes multi-disciplinary works at the crossroads of law, history, political science and economics. It is open to all methods and schools of thought, including, comparative, doctrinal, quantitative and economic analysis of (case) law.
The European Convention on Human Rights Law Review accepts submissions of longer articles (up to 18000 words), case comments (up to 10000 words) and book reviews.
Manuscripts should be submitted through THIS LINK. More information, including instructions to authors, available HERE.